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Calculating Method Utilization

Once Flow Planner calculates the total time needed for a Material Handling Method, the software looks at the time available per time period multiplied by the number of devices specified using the formula shown below.

Remember that a METHOD is an occurrence of a METHOD TYPE.  For example "Sandy" or "NORTHDOCK" could be METHODS of the METHOD TYPE "ForkTruck".  Each METHOD has a quantity, and the METHOD TYPE quantity is the summation of all METHOD quantities which reference each METHOD TYPE.

For example:

If the TIMEUNIT was set to a DAY and if the Hours Available of the METHOD TYPE (FORKTRUCK) were 480minutes and if FLOW PLANNER determined that 900 minutes per day were needed to meet the demand computed by the Routing Calclulation, then FLOW PLANNER would request increasing the number of METHODS to 2.

900/(480*1) >1 so the QTY must be increased to 2 in order to keep average METHOD utilization below 100%.

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