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NCR (Non Conformance Report) - How to set an item as a serialized component

NCRs can be created from the NCR List (top menu item in the homepage) or via a Test Failure.  

When creating from the NCR List, the user will be prompted to first input the part number. 

 The Shop Floor Viewer will then look at the max revision of the item in the Assembly Planner Item Master.  It will check the true/false value for the attribute 'Is Serial No. Req' check box.  In the image below, you can see that there are two revisions (blank and A).  Rev A, being the higher revision in this scheme, will be evaluated.

If the value is true, the Shop Floor Viewer will then have an 'Add Item Serial Number' button.  After inputting a serial number, the SFV will look within the database to check if the serialized component is currently installed on a unit.  If so, the unit's information will be displayed in the NCR screen.  Those serial numbers will be blocked from installation on a unit until a disposition status releasing the component is set.

If the value is false, the SFV will allow the user to input a Unit Serial Number or a quantity. 

After an NCR is created it is locked as either serialized or non serialized.  Changing the value of the 'Is Serial No Req' attribute on the item will not impact the NCR at that point.

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