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What is the difference between copying and pasting normally vs 'As Reference'

Copying a Process


Copying as Reference (Add as Reference)


Copied activities as reference will have the same Activity ID as the original. All global properties are linked between the copied activity and original activity. Any changes to global properties will affect both activities.

Changes to local attributes will not affect both instances of the activity – even when copied as reference – local changes will only affect activity instance being modified.

Copying With Disassociation (Create New)


When an activity is copied with disassociation, there is no link between the global and local properties. Copied activity will have a new activity ID – any changes to the copied activity instance will not affect the original activity instance. 

Using Copy/Cntrl+C


Only copying what is showing in the grid – consumption, model option mapping, time study data, work steps, etc. is not being copied

Examples of global and local properties for activities

Local Attributes:

· Consumption

· Model/Option Mapping

 Global Attributes:

· Description

· Time

· Work Steps

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