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How does the Tugger Module convert Deliveries into Routes?

 The algorithm does the following:


  1. What parts am I going to deliver.  Any part that is not statistically selected for delivery is send to the undelivered list.  Selected parts are given a desired delivery time (statistically generated (i.e. UFM/SEQ or specified by a specific ETD in the delivery file) 
  2.   For those parts I will deliver, which tug driver does this (i.e. is it specified in the delivery file, or do I select the driver based on which driver is currently mapped to the Deliver-TO location). 
  3.   Which delivery window will the selected parts be delivered in (based on their delivery times specified in step 1).  Each tug driver has a different delivery window frequency, so this window is tugger driver dependent. 
  4.   What order I deliver the parts in depends on determining the shortest delivery path through the plant based on the aisle network and the list of part delivery locations that need to be visited.   Basically this is the travelling salesman problem using actual aisle paths. 
  5.   Now generate the part routing sequence for that delivery window in the Routing tab.

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